Googly- Eye- Shield -for- Arduino

Googly Eye Shield for Arduino

Rs. 475.00

The Evil Mad Scientist Googly Eye Shield for Arduino – a simple “platform” shield with labeled break-out points from every position on the edge connectors… plus, googly eyes!


Product Description

Evil Mad Scientist so perfectly introduces their Googly Eye Shield for Arduino that we’re not going to mess with a perfect thing. Here’s what they have to say: What, exactly, does the Googly Eye Shield for Arduino do? 
It adds googly eyes to your Arduino (or compatible board.)


Ok, really. What else can you use it for? 
Lots! Even without the googly eyes, this is the missing “blank” Arduino shield – a low-cost, bare-bones multipurpose platform. We could have called this the “Insulator Shield for Arduino” – it’s a big flat empty surface that you can use for all kinds of things, without pesky electronics getting in your way. The only electrical features are a neat row of breakout holes, on a 0.1″ grid, right next to the edge connectors.


Mount a solid-state relay or a battery pack or a speaker. You can use it to raise up many types of Arduino shields for extra altitude, providing a handy storage shelf underneath. You can mount a mini breadboard to the top, and use it as a low-cost prototyping shield. The possibilities are not particularly limited.


Don’t Want the Googly Eyes? 
The googly eyes are (we hate to admit) optional. Just skip that step of the assembly instructions if you really don’t want googly eyes. (Also, what is wrong with you?)


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