LulzBot- TAZ 5 -3D- Printer

LulzBot TAZ 5 3D Printer

Rs. 150,435.00

An open source desktop 3D printer that can print large or small items in many types of materials.


Product Description

This LulzBot TAZ 5 3D printer is a versatile, high performance desktop 3D printer for industrial users that respects your freedom to create. Easily create your design in any software design package and export your model to an STL file. A large print area with a controllable heat bed gives you the freedom to print large items, or many small items.

The new upgrades to TAZ 5 include the LulzBot Hexagon all-metal hot end and the PEI print surface. With the all-metal hot end, you can take advantage of the cutting edge market for new materials, from HIPS, PLA, and ABS, to wood-, metal-, and stone-like! The PEI print surface allows easy, low maintenance 3D printing so you don’t have to worry about using tape, adhesives, or solvents to help objects stick to the print bed.

All LulzBot products are Libre/Open Source Hardware, meaning you can adopt the latest and greatest technology being developed across the 3D printing market. From experimental filament materials and the modeling software of your choice, to new accessories like hot ends and print surfaces—experience the joy of user freedom!


From the Make: 3D Printer Buyer’s Guide: It was hard to improve on the Taz 4, but a new hot end, a durable sticky-when-hot print surface, and some added, easy-to-use software options have certainly done it. Even better, the Taz 5 brings no controversial or ruinous downgrades to successful design. And while some may lament the lack of an automated platform level calibration, others may look at that as an unnecessary gimmick. The Taz 5 is a worthy successor, still true to its open heritage, and a match for any challenger… Read the full review here.


Key Features

  • Overall Dimensions: 680mm x 520mm x 515mm (26.8in x 20.5in x 20.3in)
  • Weight: 11kg (24.25lbs)
  • Power Requirements: 100 – 240 VAC
  • Print Surface: Heated borosilicate glass bed covered with PEI print surface.
  • Print Area: 298mm x 275mm x 250mm (11.7in x 10.8in x 9.8in)
  • Print volume: 20,500cm3 (1238 in3) of usable space
  • Top print speed: 200mm/sec (7.9in/sec)
  • Print tolerance: 0.05mm – 0.35mm (0.002in – 0.020in) in X and Y axes. Z axis is dependent on layer thickness
  • Layer thickness: 0.075mm to 0.35mm (0.003in – 0.0138in)
  • Supported materials: ABS, PLA, HIPS, PVA, wood filled filaments, Polyester (Tritan), PETT, bronze and copper filled filaments, Polycarbonate, Nylon, PETG, conductive PLA and ABS, UV luminescent filaments, PCTPE, and PC-ABS
  • Usable filament sizes: standard 3mm (0.1in)
  • Max operating temperature for extruder: 300°C (572°F)
  • Max operating temperature for heated bed: 120°C (248°F)
  • Detailed, step-by-step user manual. View and download the manual here.
  • Startup Guide. View and download the guide here.

What’s in the Box?

  • LulzBot TAZ 5 3D printer and 24V power supply
  • LulzBot Hexagon Hot End tool head with 0.50mm nozzle
  • 4GB SD card
  • Filament feed tube, toolkit bag
  • 15-piece metric hex key set, pliers, needle nose tweezers, standard precision knife, dental pick, flathead bristle brush, part removal knife (clam knife), metric ruler
  • Complete documentation including a detailed manual with information for setup, downloading and using Cura LulzBot® Edition– the recommended printer host software, and through your first 3D print.
  • Quick setup guide
  • One-year warranty and support


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