Make -Getting- Started- with -Soldering -Kit

Make: Getting Started with Soldering Kit

Rs. 4,444.00

This kit contains all the components you need to get started with soldering. Learn to solder a badge that you can wear and show off!


Product Description

We made this kit to contain all the components you need to get started with soldering. This kit contains your first project – a badge that you can wear to show off your soldering skills! The included Getting Started with Soldering book and our badges will help you perfect basic soldering skills. We’ve included multiple badges to help you practice and fine tune your skills.
What is Soldering?

Have you ever wondered what soldering is? Soldering is the process of connecting pieces of metal together using another special metal, referred to as solder, that melts at a lower temperature. When the melted solder cools, it creates a solid connection between the metal pieces. Soldering allows you to repair electronic toys and gadgets, create your own electronic devices, make jewelry, and more. Learning how to solder can open up a new world of fun and rewarding activities for the whole family.
What’s in the Box?

  • Deluxe soldering station with variable temperature, soldering iron, iron holder, cleaning sponge
  • Make: Getting Started with Soldering book
  • “Helping hands” holder with magnifying glass
  • Lead-free solder
  • Solder wick to remove excess solder
  • Desolder pump to suck up excess solder
  • Scraper and probe tools for precision
  • Additional / replacement iron tips
  • Learn to Solder Skill Badge Kits

What You’ll Need

  • Goggles / protective eyewear


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